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From breathtaking landscapes to incredible cultures,
traveling across the U.S. is an enlightening and even life-changing experience.

ProTherapy Staffing is a leading provider of healthcare staffing services to hospitals and health systems. We specialize in the recruitment and placement of therapists throughout the United States and offer a full array of solutions including travel physical therapy, per diem therapy, and health staffing. In addition, ProTherapy Staffing is a preferred national staffing partner to provide professional healthcare staffing services for government healthcare facilities nationwide.

Healthcare Staffing Services

Whether you need healthcare professionals due to local shortages, increase in census, unit expansions, turnover, maternity leave, illness or vacations, ProTherapy Staffing is the health care staffing agency uniquely positioned to provide you with quality personnel. We provide you with the personal attention you deserve and develop a customized solution that best addresses your organization’s specific health care staffing needs.


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When you land an opportunity with ProTherapy Staffing you'll enjoy more benefits than a permanent job:

  • 401k and ROTH IRA
  • We have both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance
  • We make it easy and do all the paperwork and logistics for you
  • We pay more than other staffing companies since the payout structure is in your best interest
  • We staff PT's, PTA's, OT's, COTA's, and SLP's
  • Family run environment
  • We work for you to find the absolute best location, job type, and fit
  • We handle all your licenses, certifications, immunizations, and much more

At ProTherapy Staffing, we believe that life is an adventure - and we want you to come along!

ProTherapy Staffing is a done-for-you service that handles all the logistics so you can enjoy your new destination without the worry.
We help advise, plan, and negotiate the best possible job to fit your goals.  Every state in the U.S. is covered by ProTherapy so we have plenty of options.  Every wonder what it would be like to travel the country to dream destinations and get paid for it?  Give this unique life style a try and help patients along the way!  We guarantee you will make life long friendships you'll never forget.  Our team certainly has!

Our unbelievable around-the-country trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Book your conversation with a travel therapy expert now before life’s greatest adventure escapes you!

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Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about traveling with us:

  • “I've worked for a lot of staffing companies..all were dishonest and tried cheating me out of a good paycheck.  Now I'm with ProTherapy and get treated right!”
    - Kylie W.
    (Physical Therapist)
  • “Dream come true!  I get to travel the country and further my career at the same time.  I'll never work for anyone else untill I go Permanent.”
    - Zach P.
    (Physical Therapist) 
  • “ProTherapy Staffing does not pay recruiters off of commission and is the most generous/honest company that I know of.  That's why my husband and I work here.”
    - Britta L.
    (Physical Therapist)

Our Passion is Taking Care of People First, and Traveling Second!

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